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Since our retirement we spend several months on Bali each year. We enjoy everything that Bali offers and we do our best to give something in return for the benefit of the local people. As a result the project "JEMBATAN SENANG" (meaning: the happy bridge) started in 2009.

This project aims to transfer our personal expertise in educational knowledge from the Netherlands to the staff, the children’s parents and as many people as possible in the direct surroundings of these children.  We do our utmost to give the children tools for a better future, in cooperation with several Dutch foundations that are working regionally for many years.  Therefore, your emotional and financial support for our project is essential.   

You can always contact us by telephone or email:


Kees and Els Sinjorgo

 Phone in the Netherlands: +31164642505
Phone on Bali:
+621236196617 or +6281236196617   


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