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In order to let you and the Jembatan Senang build the Bridge to a happy life, we need your support too.

You can help us financially, so we can provide teaching materials, toys et cetera, and of course also provide in the maintenance of the school premises, salaries and transport of the children.  

You can support and donate by:

  • a single contribution to the bank account nr. NL26KNAB0731673832 at the name of Jembatan Senang in Woensdrecht, the Netherlands.

  • to become a Ten Euro Member by contributing a monthly amount of 10 to the above mentioned bank account.

  • All donations are a fully 100 percent allocated for the activities of Jembatan Senang.
    Furthermore, Bali Bundar obtained the Dutch ANBI approval, so all donations are tax deductible in the Netherlands

  • Volunteers are very welcome (transport and costs for living are for your own account)

  • Is there a possibillty to organise an event to support Jembatan Senang?

In case you wish to visit us, or require more information, please contact us.
It will be our pleasure and privilege to provide you with all the information you need.

Mr. Kees en Mrs. Els Sinjorgo

Telephone in the Netherlands: +31164642505

Telephone in Bali: +6281236196617/+6281236196617


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